Two things:

We’ve updated our de Porres Vegetarian Verano menu to include mixed mushroom ceviche, pictured above, beet causa, and Szechuan eggplant and green beans. Secondly, we still have spaces available. 

Dinner will be Monday, July 29th at 7:30. This six-course menu takes inspiration from Peru, East Asia, Trinidad and, of course, the city’s greenmarkets. Pablo’s particularly excited to share with you doubles, his favorite West Indian snack, made from bara (fried flatbread), curried chickpeas, and a sweet and spicy sauce of tamarind and scotch bonnet peppers. Do note all courses can easily be made vegan, so long as you specify your preference in advance. To rsvp please send the suggested donation of seventy dollars to via PayPal or Chase QuickPay.